Shark Management Strategy annual grant funded projects

Partner organisation: Charles Sturt University

This study investigated community perceptions (PDF, 1352.42 KB) of approaches to shark management, including acceptability of a range of lethal and non-lethal strategies. The project gathered people's perceptions to assist with shark management policy development and communication.

Partner organisations: Beyond The Bite Inc. and The University of Sydney

This study assessed the psychological impact of a shark attack. Beyond the Bite is a support group of over 250 members including survivors, first responders, witnesses, friends and families of survivors and fatal victims. Understanding the psychological impact of those directly affected by a shark attack will assist in the development of better targeted support services for these people.

Shark Management Strategy PhD and Postdoc Program

Understanding sentiment concerning human and non-human animal coexistence: Models for shark management and communication

Partner Organisation: Charles Sturt University

The project aims to develop a model that assists with listening, engaging and responding to social media sentiment concerning human and non-human animal coexistence.