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  • Don’t swim at dawn or dusk as many sharks feed at this time
  • Consider using a Personal Deterrent Device
  • Swim between the flags: don’t surf or swim alone – always buddy up
  • Be aware if you see diving birds and baitfish - sharks may be present, leave the water
  • Avoid sandbars, river mouths and steep drop-offs – sharks could be present
  • Don’t swim or surf in murky waters
  • Surfers: check conditions and assess the risks
  • Respect the ocean – sharks are important for healthy seas

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SharkSmart safety tips graphic

Shark strategy illustration

The NSW Government is continuing its efforts to increase its knowledge about the movement and ecology of White, Tiger, and Bull sharks, and trials of technologies to reduce the risk of shark bites at our beaches.

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Shark Strategy Graphic

NSW is leading the world in trials of SMART Drumlines, which are both a shark mitigation tool and a research tool that reduce the risk of interactions with sharks while minimising the impact on marine species.

SMART Drumlines
SMART Drumline Diagram

Students get SharkSmart

Dr Paul Butcher hosted Year 5 students from St Augustine's, Coffs Harbour recently, discussing shark biodiversity, the NSW Shark Management Strategy and how to be SharkSmart.
Photo credit:  St Augustine’s